We have worked with numerous publishers, (indie) authors, stores and apps from the world of books on Book Tours and Brand Campaigns. Find a selection below.

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Remy vs Rome - Bonnie Callahan

"My experience with bookinfluencers.com was extraordinarily positive and helped me establish a social media presence as a debut author. The team is supportive, responsive, and excellent at follow-through, and the influencers involved were so much fun to work with. I highly recommend the service to anyone new to publishing or looking for help launching their first (or second or third) book. Very grateful to everyone who I had the privilege of working with on my first campaign!" - Bonnie Callahan (author)

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Two Buck Hope - Tami Morning

"I'm an indie author. I was a little nervous about what I was doing when I started my campaign, but once I was brave enough to create my brand account, the staff at bookinfluencers.com made the process so easy. They created a promotional video aimed at their influencers, and pretty soon, I had dozens of interested book influencers. It was exciting and so much fun. Once I had my campaign running, I was thrilled about the responses. This has been the best avenue for book promotion I have found, and I've tried the deal sites. A+++. Will definitely use again." - Tami Morning (author)

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An incarnation of shadow and light - S.A. Christianson

"I chose the Author Plus Book Tour. The selection tools and chat system are super helpful and very convenient to use. The process has been wonderful!" - S.A. Christianson (author)

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Legends of Andolin - A.M. Portman

"They coordinated everything for me and were wonderful to work with. The book tour was so much fun. I highly recommend them!" - A.M. Portman (author)

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Darkborn Messiah - Tyler Nomax

"These guys absolutely rock! Not only did they put my book on the map, they have excelled in their customer service and creatity. They have gone the extra mile to promote my book even when they didn’t have to. I cannot suggest them enough for any first time aspiring writers like myself or any professional writer with many books on their belt. Thank you guys!" - Tyler Nomax (author)

Picture by @addictedtobooks86

The Certainty of Chance - Jacquelyn Middleton

"Thank you so much for all your hard work! I really enjoyed all the posts and reels. I'm in awe of what they all created! :)" - Jacquelyn Middleton (author)

Picture by @thesunbooks

Reign Returned - Katie Keridan

"The tour absolutely exceeded even my wildest expectations, and I couldn't be happier. This service is a gem, and I'm telling every author I know about it." - Katie Keridan (author)

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Manga collection - VIZ Media

"I have been working with Bookinfluencers.com for over a year and they have been a valuable asset to VIZ's marketing program". - Godswill Ugwa (community manager VIZ Media)

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Mara Turing - Javier Padilla

"I was reluctant to work with book influencers in the past but this platform totally changed my opinion. The team will always try to find the best solution for your problem, even if that problem is apparently out of their boundaries". - Javier Padilla (author)

Picture by @edenwithabook

Successful as f*ck - Riah Gonzalez

"As someone helping a new author, this was an answer to our prayers. They helped promote the authors book, grow their social media following, and got us a bunch of honest reviews! Worth every penny." - Sara Winiecki, PR manager

Picture by @whatsenalireads

Force and Sense - John L. Herman Jr

"Every author hopes as many readers as possible become aware of their book. Bookinfluencers.com gives authors a chance to find real influencers who can use their followers to find your work. No promises of sale, just a promise to connect you to influencers. And they delivered quickly. 20 Influencers connected within a few days and 15 have agreed to start a review campaign. Exactly what Bookinfluencers.com promised. And the site is very easy to use, giving instant chat access to every influencer interested in your work. Thanks Antina, to you and your staff!." - John L. Herman jr (author)


Rune and Flash - Joe Canzano

"The book tour was really great. All the people involved were nice and quite professional. This is by far the best blog tour I ever did." - Joe Canzano (author)

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