Terms of Use Bookinfluencers.com

Bookinfluencers.com is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 60509295 and is established on Dijkerhoekseweg 13 (7451LV) in Holten, the Netherlands.

Article 1 - General

  1. In these terms of use, the terms below are used in the following meaning, unless it is expressly stated otherwise.
  2. Bookinfluencers.com: the service provider that makes available the use of the Website to a Bookinfluencer.
  3. Company: the natural or legal person acting from the exercise of a profession or business.
  4. Campaign: the offer of Purchaser to a Bookinfluencer for the purpose of the implementation of one or more services offered by the Purchaser, to which the Bookinfluencer can respond.
  5. Consumer: the natural person not acting from the exercise of a profession or business.
  6. Services: Bookinfluencers.com offers a platform where Purchaser can propose campaigns and Bookinfluencer can accept the relevant campaign on the basis of his/her areas of interest. 
  7. Bookinfluencer: the social influencer, being a Company or a Consumer who is involved in a Campaign. If reference is made to a Bookinfluencer, thereby is also intended: Booktuber, Booktoker, Bookblogger and/or different names that may be understood as Bookinfluencer by a party concerned. 
  8. Purchaser: the Company that needs the promotion of their products or services on social media by a Bookinfluencer. 
  9. Agreement: every Agreement and other commitments between Bookinfluencer and Bookinfluencers.com, as well as proposals of Bookinfluencers.com for Services that are provided by Bookinfluencers.com to Bookinfluencer and which are accepted and have been approved by Bookinfluencer and are implemented by Bookinfluencers.com. 
  10. Website: www.bookinfluencers.com. 
  11. Work: the pictures, videos and/or text that Bookinfluencer has manufactured and placed on one or multiple social media websites in the context of the Agreement.

Article 2 - Applicability

  1. These terms of use are applicable to the use of the Website by every Bookinfluencer.
  2. Derogation from these terms of use is not possible. 
  3. The general conditions of Bookinfluencer from the exercise of a profession or business are excluded.
  4. Bookinfluencers.com handles the (personal) data of Bookinfluencer with care. The processing of personal data will exclusively take place within the framework of the implementation of the services of Bookinfluencers.com. Bookinfluencers.com will not process the personal data for any other purpose and never retain it for any longer than is necessary. More information can be found in the Privacy statement of Bookinfluencers.com. 
  5. The Website of Bookinfluencers.com in principle is not accessible to minors, unless the minor (of 16 or older) can prove that he has permission from a parent and/or legal custodian evincing that the minor may carry out the relevant act independently, unless the relevant act is customary to conduct in society without written permission. 
  6. As provider of the Website, Bookinfluencers.com mediates in the sense of article 7:425 BW (Civil Code) for the adoption of an Agreement between a Bookinfluencer and Purchaser. 
  7. Bookinfluencers.com does not have any control over, and never provides guarantee for the quality, suitability, completeness, correctness, (il)legality, evaluations and/or reviews of the Campaigns, or the Purchaser who placed the relevant Campaign. Bookinfluencers.com points out that every Bookinfluencer has an independent investigation obligation to find out whether the shown Campaign(s) is compliant with what is stated above. Any possible pictures for the Campaign are solely and exclusively intended as an illustration. A Bookinfluencer cannot derive any rights from this/these picture(s) and can never be qualified as a picture approved by Bookinfluencers.com. 
  8. The content of placed Campaign or parts thereof may be displayed on other websites, applications, e- mails, social media, and in other on and off-line Campaigns. 
  9. The Website may contain links to third-party websites. On the websites of third parties, different cookies and/or privacy statements may be applicable. Bookinfluencers.com is not responsible or liable for the availability or correctness of the (content of the) websites of third parties. A link on the Website to a third party can never be qualified as approval by Bookinfluencers.com of the (services of) the third party. 
  10. It is prohibited to Bookinfluencer to transfer the Agreement to a third party, unless expressly established otherwise in writing.

Article 3 - Use of the Website

  1. Bookinfluencers.com can impose further limitations or conditions on access to certain parts or functions of the Website such as, for example, though not limited to, the creation of an account, the completion of a verification process, and compliance with specific quality or suitability criteria.
  2. The verification of Bookinfluencers is not fool proof. Bookinfluencers.com nevertheless takes all measures than can reasonably be taken that can be expected of them regarding the verification process. A Bookinfluencer may be obliged concerning to provide a form of (government) identification or other information. Bookinfluencers.com has the right as well to screen Bookinfluencers on the basis of public registers of criminal convictions (if available). 
  3. It is prohibited to each Bookinfluencer to copy the (content) of the Website and/or to reproduce it in another manner, to disclose or alter it, without the prior written consent of Bookinfluencers.com. Thereby is also intended the content of the Campaigns. 
  4. The (content of) the Website and Campaigns may be protected by intellectual property rights and/or trademarks. By using the Website, each Bookinfluencer agrees that the intellectual property rights lie with Bookinfluencers.com and/or the Purchaser who placed the Campaign. It is expressly prohibited to the Bookinfluencer to violate the intellectual property rights of Bookinfluencers.com and third parties, as well as the reputation of Bookinfluencers.com. All intellectual property rights and copyrights of the Website, also including the graphic design, ideas and the likes lie exclusively with Bookinfluencers.com and are expressly not transferred to Bookinfluencer. It is prohibited to a Bookinfluencer to use, modify, copy, give in license, sell, or otherwise exploit the content. A Bookinfluencer only has a limited right of use to make use of the Website. 
  5. It is furthermore not permitted to Bookinfluencer to process, collect or in another manner use the (personal) data of Purchaser who has posted a Campaign on the Website, for the purpose of acquisition or the offering of own products. 
  6. Bookinfluencer makes sure that all personal data provided by him/her for which Bookinfluencers.com indicates that they are necessary or of which Bookinfluencer should reasonably understand that they are necessary for the access to and/or the use of the Website, are correct and complete. 
  7. Bookinfluencers.com is not liable for damage, of whatever nature, that has arisen because Bookinfluencers.com relied on incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by the Bookinfluencer, unless such incorrectness or incompleteness was known to Bookinfluencers.com. 
  8. A Bookinfluencer has access to the information as published and displayed on the Website. Bookinfluencer is responsible himself at all times for all data and information that he/she posts on the Website or in his/her account. If Bookinfluencer suspects that data provided by him/her are incorrect or incomplete, Bookinfluencer will inform Bookinfluencers.com without delay and provide the correct information still. Bookinfluencer must keep his/her data up to date him/herself and to such effect can modify the data in his/her own account. 
  9. Bookinfluencers.com has the right to change (parts of) the Website, as well as their Services. Bookinfluencer will be timely informed of any possible changes. 
  10. Bookinfluencer must observe the effective rules (of conduct) as established by the Purchaser with regard to activities for which Bookinfluencers.com mediates and behave as is considered proper in society. Upon registration, Bookinfluencer accepts the selection criteria indicated by Bookinfluencers.com and Bookinfluencer is aware of the consequences (for example exclusion from the database) if the selection criteria of Bookinfluencers.com are not met (anymore).

Article 4 - The account

  1. Every Bookinfluencer must create an account for the purpose of access and use of certain functions of the Website, such as viewing a Campaign. For the professional Bookinfluencer it applies that the person carrying out the registration declares and guarantees that he/she has the authority to bind the organisation legally and grants all permits and licenses required to Bookinfluencers.com that are necessary for the purpose of the correct implementation of the Agreement. 
  2. The account can be registered with an e-mail address and a password. 
  3. The Bookinfluencer is obliged during registration of the account to provide correct and complete information and to keep the account up to date at all times. 
  4. Each Bookinfluencer may only register one account, unless it is expressly established otherwise in writing. The account is personal and may not be transferred. 
  5. The Bookinfluencer is responsible himself for his or her login data and must not provide this login data to third parties. If a Bookinfluencer suspects that the login data were lost, stolen, or that there may be unauthorised use of the account, Bookinfluencer must immediately contact Bookinfluencers.com. Bookinfluencer is responsible himself for all activities that are carried out through the own account, unless the Bookinfluencer can prove he/she has not been negligent (not reporting unauthorised use or loss of login data). 
  6. Only after the account has been created can a Bookinfluencer carry out activities on the Website.

Article 5 - Notice and Takedown

  1. In case of (possible) criminal acts, Bookinfluencers.com is obliged to file a police report and to hand over the data provided by Bookinfluencer to the competent authorities, as well as to take all actions that are asked of them in the context of the investigation. Bookinfluencers.com has the right to deny Bookinfluencer access to the Website and/or to terminate the use of the Website. 
  2. Besides the obligations from the law, damage that arises through the incompetence or through acting non-compliantly with the items above is at the expense and risk of Bookinfluencer. 
  3. Bookinfluencer is responsible himself for the correct security of the (mobile) device on which he/she uses the Website, as well as for the security and secrecy of his/her own login data. 
  4. If and to the extent there is a violation of rights of Bookinfluencers.com or third parties and/or unlawful conduct by Bookinfluencer, Bookinfluencers.com also has the right to remove the account of Bookinfluencer or to impose restriction in another manner on the use of the account of Bookinfluencer. Bookinfluencers.com will immediately remove any rights-infringing/harmful information. Under no circumstance is Bookinfluencers.com liable for the damage incurred by Bookinfluencer, regardless of its nature, as a result of the actions of Bookinfluencer. 
  5. Every Bookinfluencer can report indications and/or complaints to Bookinfluencers.com regarding rights-infringing or illegal Campaigns, or complaints about other Bookinfluencers. A report can be submitted at contact@bookinfluencers.com.

Article 6 - Availability Website

  1. Bookinfluencers.com does not guarantee that the Services will always meet the expectations created in advance. Bookinfluencers.com exerts itself to provide (the access to) the Website, to the extent possible, uninterruptedly to Bookinfluencer, but it does not guarantee total availability at all times of the Website. Bookinfluencers.com has the right, if and to the extent in their opinion there is a risk to the flawless functioning of the Website, to suspend the use of the Website. Bookinfluencers.com furthermore has the right to take all measures that it deems reasonably necessary to be able to assure the effective functioning of the Website. 
  2. Bookinfluencers.com is not responsible for disruptions or malfunctions of the internet, telecom infrastructure that lies outside the sphere of control of Bookinfluencers.com and that may lead to interruptions to the availability of the Website. Bookinfluencers.com can, temporarily and with due regard for the legitimate interests of the Bookinfluencers, restrict the availability of the Website if Bookinfluencers.com deems such necessary with an eye on possible capacity limits, the security/integrity of the servers of Bookinfluencers.com, or to carry out maintenance on the Website. Bookinfluencers.com has the right to carry out maintenance on the Website and may introduce new functionalities. Bookinfluencers.com will inform the Bookinfluencers as much as possible of any possible changes to the Website, unless such changes are of a minor nature without having a material effect on any possible contractual obligations. 
  3. Bookinfluencers.com never has responsibility for and/or influence on the Campaign of Purchaser and does not give any guarantees regarding the quality of what is offered, the authorisation of Purchaser to post the Campaign on the Website, nor regarding the correctness and completeness of the information offered. Every Bookinfluencer has an independent obligation to investigate the Campaign that is offered by a Purchaser. All information and figures that are displayed on the Website are subject to spelling and typing errors. Bookinfluencers.com is never liable if the Campaign does not meet the expectations of a Bookinfluencer.

Article 7 – Independent entrepreneurship Bookinfluencer

  1. Bookinfluencer is entirely independent upon the implementation of the Agreement and carries out his or her activities at own expense and risk. Bookinfluencers.com can nevertheless give advice and instructions to realise an appropriate result for the Purchaser. 
  2. Bookinfluencer can determine his or her working hours independently. 
  3. If third parties, also including the tax office, may assume the position (in the future) that there is not a situation of independent entrepreneurship on the part of Bookinfluencer, then parties commit themselves to modify the relationship existing between them in such a manner and to take the measures required so that the relevant third parties believe independent entrepreneurship does pertain. 
  4. Bookinfluencer is liable for claims from fiscal and/or social-security authorities in the matter of wage taxes and social security contributions and of fines imposed and interest in connection with or flowing from the position of such authorities that, contrary to the express position and intention of parties, the Bookinfluencer supposedly has a (fictive) employment relationship with Bookinfluencers.com and indemnifies Bookinfluencers.com concerning.

Article 8 – Advertising Code ('Reclame code') Social Media

  1. Advertising through social media must be clearly recognisable as such. 
  2. Bookinfluencer was made aware by Purchaser of the social-media advertising code 'Reclame Code Sociale Media'. The Work must be recognisable for third parties as advertising. It must be indicated at the Work that Bookinfluencer receives compensation for the Work if he/she receives compensation for publishing his/her Work. 
  3. Bookinfluencer must make sure that:
    1. Advertising on social media can be recognised as advertising.
    2. Clear terms/hashtags (such as, for example, #spon or #ad) are used, whether or not upon indication of the Purchaser. The differences between the social-media platforms and the target groups must be taken into account as well.
    3. The Work does not violate the other rules of the advertising code 'Nederlandse Reclame Code': https://www.reclamecode.nl/nrc/reclamecode-social-media-rsm/.

Article 9 - Limitation of Liability

  1. Bookinfluencers.com is not liable in case as a result of a situation of force majeure they are unable to fulfil their obligations, nor can they be forced to comply with any obligation if they are prevented from doing so as a result of a circumstance that cannot be blamed on their fault, and is not their responsibility either according to the law, to a legal transaction, or to commonly held opinion. By force majeure is intended in any case, though it is not limited to, what is defined as such in the law and jurisprudence, (i) force majeure of suppliers of Bookinfluencers.com, (ii) the not properly complying with obligations by suppliers, (iii) defectiveness of matters, devices, software, or materials of third parties, (iv) government measures, (v) power malfunction, (vi) malfunction of the internet, data network and telecom facilities (e.g., due to: cybercrime and hacking), (vii) natural disasters, (viii) war and terrorist attacks, (ix) general transport issues, (x) work strikes at the company of Bookinfluencers.com, and (xi) other situations that in the opinion of Bookinfluencers.com fall outside their sphere of control which temporarily or permanently prevent compliance with their obligations. 
  2. If and to the extent any legal provision does not oppose such, Bookinfluencers.com excludes any liability for damage incurred by the Bookinfluencer on grounds of (i) the use of the Services of Bookinfluencers.com, (ii) the content of the Campaign of a Purchaser (iii) the Website not being fully or safely available, (iv) changes in, to, or on the Website or Services of Bookinfluencers.com, and (v) any possible incorrect and/or incomplete information on the Website. 
  3. Bookinfluencers.com excludes all consequential damage. 
  4. If and to the extent Bookinfluencers.com turns out to be liable, their liability is limited to the maximum amount that is disbursed per event per year by their liability insurance. 
  5. The liability of Bookinfluencers.com is limited in any event to the amount that they have paid to Bookinfluencer in the context of the Agreement, though at most until one year (12 months) prior to the damage-causing event. 
  6. All claims of Bookinfluencer on account of falling short on the part of Bookinfluencers.com lapse if they are not reported in writing, including substantiation, to Bookinfluencers.com within one year after Bookinfluencer was aware or could reasonably have been aware of the facts on which he/she bases his/her claims. One year after termination of the Agreement between parties, the liability of Bookinfluencers.com lapses.

Article 10 - Waiver

Bookinfluencer safeguards Bookinfluencers.com against claims by third parties regarding damage incurred by them on grounds of (i) the acceptance of the Campaign and the carrying out thereof by Bookinfluencer (ii) the use of Services of Bookinfluencers.com, and (iii) the unlawful content of the Campaign.

Article 11 - Complaints

  1. If a Bookinfluencer is not satisfied with the Services of Bookinfluencers.com, Bookinfluencer is obliged to report these complaints as soon as possible, though no later than within 7 calendar days following the occasion leading to the complaint. Complaints can be reported in writing at contact@bookinfluencers.com, indicating "Complaint" as a subject. 
  2. The complaint must be sufficiently substantiated and/or explained by Bookinfluencer for Bookinfluencers.com to be able to take the complaint under advisement. 
  3. Bookinfluencers.com will give a substantive reaction to the complaint as soon as possible, though no later than within 7 calendar days after receipt of the complaint. 
  4. Parties will try to reach a solution in mutual consultation.

Article 12 - Modifications terms of use

Bookinfluencers.com is at liberty to modify (parts of) the Website, as well as the content of their Services and the present general conditions. The modified conditions are published on the Website with the most recent date of the update. The Bookinfluencer will also receive an e-mail 30 days prior to the entry into effect of the modified conditions, indicating the relevant changes. If Bookinfluencer does not agree with the content of the modifications, Bookinfluencer can terminate the Agreement immediately. Bookinfluencer will receive a further e-mail regarding the manner in which the Agreement can be terminated. If Bookinfluencer does not timely, or at least not before the date on which the modifications become effective, reject or submits an objection in another manner, or terminates the agreement, Bookinfluencer accepts the modified conditions. Also if Bookinfluencer uses the Website as from the date of entry into effect of the modifications, Bookinfluencer is deemed to have accepted the modified conditions.

Article 13 - Applicable law

  1. To the legal relationship between Bookinfluencers.com and Purchaser, and Bookinfluencers.com and Bookinfluencer, Netherlands legislation is applicable. 
  2. All disputes that have arisen through or in connection with the agreement between Bookinfluencers.com and Purchaser, or through the use of the Website by Bookinfluencer, are settled by the competent court of law of Overijssel, at Almelo, unless provisions of mandatory law designate a different competent court.


Holten, 24 September 2020