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There are 3 major benefits:

1. Time-efficiency: our website facilitates the full process of running a book tour or brand campaign. Your pitch will have people come to you instead of you chasing them with emails and direct messaging. Your campaign page will give you a complete overview of your candidates. Using the chat module of the website, you will have all communications in 1 place. Your results page will give you an overview of all posts.
2. Building awareness & Drive Traffic: Our Tiktok SparkAds services will help you drive traffic to a webshop of your choice or dramatically increase the engagement numbers (views, likes, comments) for the videos made for your campaign. Whether you use these services or not, you will definitely get a lot of visibility for your book tour or brand campaign anyway!We will promote it on our Instagram page and our Tiktok channel (10K+ followers). We will also use our newsletter to 6000+ creators (48% open rate) to encourage people to check out your book, product or service and your campaign pitch.
3. Guarantee of a high upload percentage (90%+): we all know how frustrating it can be to distribute a product without seeing a promotional post in return. Our community manager monitors your book tour or brand campaign and chases your selected candidates if necessary. Our policy for creators is very clear: if they don't deliver in campaigns they were selected for, they are banned from the website. 

A Book Tour or Brand Campaign is a promotional project for your book or bookish product/service. You get to work with book influencers that will promote and/or review your book, product or service. Let's take the example of a Book Tour. After you have selected your favorite candidates, you will distribute your book to them. You can send them a physical copy, an ebook, an audiobook or you give them the opportunity to buy your book and reimburse them for it. Your candidates need some time to read your book. When they are done they will create a picture (Instagram), a video (Instagram Reel, Tiktok or Youtube) or a blog (Instagram, website) about your book. They will add captions to it that talk about your book (a promotion or a review). After they are done they will upload their link(s) to your results page on our website. 


We offer a variety of packages. You can handle your own Book Tour or Brand Campaign, you can hire us to run the complete campaign for you (full service) or you can choose one of our low cost options. Please check out our price list to learn more.

Our digital platform facilitates virtual Book Tours for (indie) authors/publishers and Brand Campaigns for book-related companies.


A virtual Book Tour is the promotion of your book on social media with the help of book influencers (creators). We offer you a fast, easy and intuitive platform with 5000+ registered and vetted book lovers, many from the US and the UK. Reaching these Bookstagrammers (Instagram), Booktokers (TikTok), Booktubers (YouTube) and Book bloggers is just one click away. Your book promotion will be seen by all of them and you'll only communicate with the ones that are interested in your offer. This efficiency will save you so much time. You'll have complete control over your book tour. You can check every book influencer's data (social channels, favorite book genres, engagement), chat with them and decide if you want to include them in your campaign or not. On top of that you'll get the best customer service because we will assist you in every step of the way! Our virtual Book Tours will get your book the attention it deserves on all major social media sites.


Brand Campaigns work with the same concept. We help (online) bookstores, ebook- and audiobook apps, libraries, foundations etc. to reach a wider audience with the help of book influencers.


You can either run the Book Tour or Brand Campaign yourself or choose assistance up to a full service campaign in which you will be served by a dedicated campaign manager. For more information about our packages, check the Price List

Sure! Check out our Book Tour page or read the Testimonials.

If you'd like to see some numbers, check out these cases below.

Yes of course! We are always happy to set up a call with you and talk you through the options of our platform. If you prefer emailing us your questions that's fine too! Just reach out to contact@bookinfluencers.com and we'll get in touch!

Definitely! Don't be afraid to take the leap because we are here to help you out.

No matter which package you choose, we will guide you through the process. We have video tutorials, we have written examples and we offer excellent customer service. On top of that the book influencers are very friendly people that are happy to have a chat with you about your campaign. 

Before you start with one of our tours we will email you about the next steps and you have every opportunity to ask us any question. We are always happy to help and respond fast (within 24 hours). If you have a question for us now, just email us at contact@bookinfluencers.com.


No, they're not. However, we strongly advice you to add incentives to your Book Tours and Brand Campaigns.

Book influencers receive books and other offers on a daily basis. They put in lots of their spare time to read books, write reviews/promotional captions and make pretty pictures and videos. They have to manage their time wisely and will likely choose incentivized campaigns over campaigns that do not offer incentives.

You can offer payments or gift cards. Please keep in mind that gift cards have limitations. For example, a gift card from Amazon US can not be used by someone in Europe. Also, before you make payments with a service like Paypal, check which email address is being used for the service by the book influencer. Our advice is to always use your chat options on the website to talk to book influencers about the payouts of incentives.

Because our influencers live all over the world and not all of them are registered as a company, paying them can be a challenge. Some can send invoices, most can't. You may handle the payments yourself but you can also let us handle it for you.

In this case we will send you an invoice based on the amount of influencers that have participated in your Book Tour or Brand Campaign and the deal you closed with any one of them. We handle the administration and bank transfers with the influencers. For this service we charge you 20% commission.


If you choose to handle the payments yourself we strongly advise you to look closely at the options. Not every country has Paypal, not every book influencer uses the same email address for Paypal as the address you have from them. Paying with gift cards is an option too. However, keep in mind that gift cards have limitations. For example, a gift card from Amazon US can not be used by a book influencer outside the US. Use the chat options on Bookinfluencers.com to discuss individual preferences and options with your participants.

If your reward is a product, a service or a gift card, you are in charge of giving these to the book influencers. If you run your own Brand Campaign you can request addresses by using the chat service. If you chose our Full Service option we will provide you with a list of addresses after approval of the influencers.


Thousands, all over the world. For instance, take a look on Instagram at the hashtag #bookstagram. You'll see over 96 million results!

Or just Google the word Booktok and you'll be amazed by the rising value of Tiktok for publishers and authors.

We are happy to work with many of these great content creators.

Yes of course! Book influencers use their channels for different kind of promotions. Many people from the book community are very eager to learn (online courses, services), have a strong aesthetic sense (clothing, make-up, jewelry, furniture, decoration) and are socially concerned (movements). Just ask and we'll give you an honest answer if we see possibilities for your brand to be promoted by the book community.

A Bookstagrammer is someone that is a huge fan of books and makes content about books on Instagram. A Booktuber uses YouTube, a Booktoker TikTok. And a book blogger runs their own website.  Many of these very authentic influencers use multiple social media platforms.


Only when you sign up for a membership, we will set up a contract with you.

Our Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use are published on the website.

The book influencers have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions, The Terms and Conditions for book influencers and the Terms of Use of our website. It's up to you whether you want to arrange a contract between you and them.

Yes, they are obligated to do so. They will add hashtags to their posts such as #ad or #spon, they will adjust the settings of their photo or video and they will express themselves in the caps or spoken text.


Please send us an email: contact@bookinfluencers.com or use the contact form on the website. If you leave your phone number we're happy to give you a call.

Yes of course! Send us an email at contact@bookinfluencers.com and we will respond within 24 hours.