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During talks with several Booktubers and Bookstagrammers we found out that expressing sexual orientation is important to many in the community. Therefore we want to give the option to add this to your profile. You don't have to. If you don't check the box nothing about your sexual orientation appears in your profile. You can also use your bio to tell more about yourself.

It means you don't have access to the book tours and brand campaigns yet. There are a few steps that will lead to the verification of your account. First you need to read and accept our terms & conditions. Second you need to make sure you complete your profile. This means that you need to fill in all the obligatory (*) fields and your bookish social media channels. Once that's done, we need a few hours to check your account. The verification process is a manual process. We recommend checking your access again after a day. If you still don't have access by then, there's something else going on. Check your inbox (and your spam folder) to see if we emailed you. If we didn't, please reach out to us via contact@bookinfluencers.com

Easy :) You are on our website already so just go to the top of the page and click 'For Bookinfluencers'. On this page you'll find a button that says 'Register Now'. From there you will go to a form that you have to fill in. Once you submit your form you are part of the Bookinfluencers.com community.

Joining Campaigns

Log in to the platform. Click campaigns in your menu. If you see a campaign that interests you, click the headline to read the details of the campaign. Then you can click 'I'm interested' to register for the campaign. From that moment on the brand manager can contact you through chat. Once the brand manager has made their final decision you will be notified. Check 'My campaigns'  to see the status. The different statuses are registered, selected or rejected. 

Until the brand manager has made their final selection you can revoke your interest. Do so by clicking 'not interested' in the briefing of the campaign. If you made it to the final selection we expect you to participate in the campaign. Not participating in a campaign you were selected for can lead to a removal from the platform. 

The idea of campaigning on Bookinfluencers.com is promoting a book, not damaging it. So if you don't like the book you've read we'd rather see no content than damaging content. Talk to your brand manager through the chat to discuss the situation. Please send us a message too so we know why you're not making content about the book.

Featured Bookinfluencers

Yes! You can be featured in our Instagram-stories. If you are part of a campaign and mention @bookinfluencerscom, we will on occasion show your post in our stories.

Every two months we ask 9 of you if you want to be featured. For the 10th spot we usually organise a competition. This competition is always promoted through our newsletter and social media channels.

A featured Bookinfluencer gets noticed by brands visiting the website immediately. They are not only visible on the homepage but also in the brands-section. Furthermore they are promoted on the socials. In return the featured Bookinfluencers promote Bookinfluencers.com on their socials so the bookcommunity knows about our existence. The more the merrier!

Payment & Taxes

The type of reward you receive from the brand totally depends on the brand manager. They can give you a free product or service, they can send you a gift card or they can give a financial reward.

If you're part of a Book Tour or Brand Campaign that is managed by the Bookinfluencers.com team, you will be paid by us. You can check this by checking the name of the brand manager on the bottom of the campaign page. Payments take place within a few weeks after a Book Tour or Brand Campaign has ended.

If you're part of a Book Tour or Brand Campaign that is managed by a brand manager (publisher, author, marketer) then you will directly be paid by them when the tour or campaign has finished for all participants. Use the chat options to discuss the payment. Be sure to not accept products or services until you are both clear about the incentives and how incentives are going to be paid. 

Bookinfluencers.com is not responsible for payments in Book Tours and Brand Campaigns that are not managed by the Bookinfluencers.com Team. However, you may reach out to us if there are any issues so we can get you in contact with your brand manager.


No, you will be paid the full amount that you signed up for. Transferring money abroad (we are in the Netherlands) is expensive though. We looked into the cheapest options for you as the receiver of money and us as the sender of money. Bookinfluencers.com has chosen to work with Wise.com. This is by far the cheapest way to get the money in your bankaccount. They do take a small fee, but this fee is much better than if we would use Paypal or a regular bank transfer. Bookinfluencers.com will pay 50 to 100% of the fee. This means that the actual amount that will show up in your bank account can be a little less than the reward you signed up for. 

Only for countries that do not accept Wise.com as a transfer method or in situations that paying with Wise.com is more expensive to us than paying with Paypal, we are willing to switch to Paypal. Do take into account that we can't prevent Paypal to take fees from the payments.

Because you don't own a business, you can't send us an invoice. Instead we will transfer you the money and send you a proof of payment.

You're solely responsible for paying your income and sales taxes. Contact your national tax authorities to inform yourself.

You can only send us or the brand manager of your Book Tour/Brand Campaign an invoice if you have a company number in your country.


The invoice needs to be directed to:
Dijkerhoekseweg 13-15
7451 LV Holten
The Netherlands

In your invoice you should state the brand you worked for and the name of the campaign you worked on. Also we need your personal data, your international bank account information and your VAT number. Please make sure this information is in your profile. You can only send us an invoice if you're registered at your national Chamber of Commerce. If you're not we will send you a proof of payment.

Only if you are registered at your national Chamber of Commerce you can send us an invoice. Send your PDF-file to contact@bookinfluencers.com. If you're not registered we will send you a proof of payment.

If you are not from the Netherlands you don't charge us VAT. Fill in our VAT-ID on your invoice: NL001431503B86.
If you are a Dutch book influencer, registered at the Kamer van Koophandel and obligated to charge BTW, your invoice should have BTW on it since we are situated in The Netherlands as well. Invoices may only be sent by people that are registered at their national Chamber of Commerce. If you're not we will send you a proof of payment.

Please get in touch with the brand manager of your campaign by using the chat. Brands are responsible for giving you the rewards.

Brands that start a marketing campaign through Bookinfluencers.com pay us a fee. If you want to know more about this just check out the Brand FAQ in the footer.


Yes. In many countries it's obligated by law or by an advertising code. Be sure to use hashtags such as #ad or #spon, adjust the settings of your picture or video and state the advertisement/sponsorship in your caps or spoken text.

Please check out our Privacy Statement.

In your profile only the data with an * are mandatory. 

You can check your profile to see which data are shared with brand managers. The default setting of your account is that your address is kept private. You can share your address with brand managers by unchecking the box.

Yes, this is not an exclusive agreement.

We are a mediator between you and the brands, authors and publishers you will work with. We handle payouts. Our Terms & Conditions underline that we are not in an employer-employee relationship.

By signing our Terms & Conditions ;you agree to the terms of our collaboration. If you don't agree, it's impossible for us to work together unfortunately.


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